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Confident Kids Affirmations

About Us

Our Team

Hello, we are Ulli and Katherine, mother and daughter co-creators of Confident Kids and Teens. We started this new venture together as during the pandemic we noticed that many children and teens have been affected negatively, impacting their emotional and mental health. We designed these resources and services to help them regain their confidence and spark! 

So a little bit about who we are... Ulli is an educator, mindset coach and clinical hypnotherapist who works with children and adults to help them become the best version of themselves. Having started off working life as a school teacher, she has developed a special passion and interest in working with children and teens to assist them to become responsible, resilient and fulfilled adults. 

·       As an educator, her mission is to provide adults, children and teens with information and practical ideas, activities and tools to help them feel empowered to make positive changes to their lives.

·       As a mindset coach her aim is to encourage your child to create and achieve their goals, assisting them to examine and eliminate any limiting beliefs, thoughts and patterns of behaviour and to develop a growth mindset.

·       As a therapist she provides a safe and supportive environment for your child to share and overcome their challenges, using a range of approaches and modalities including counselling, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, Tapping, and energy healing techniques.

Katherine is the owner and director of Acro Kids and a busy mum of 3 primary school age children. With her husband Damian they created Acro Kids which promotes a safe and supportive environment for children focusing on their individual capabilities while encouraging them to challenge themselves, learn and practise new skills and be proud of their achievements. They interact with and teach children in a way that not only increases their physical skills but also assists in developing their confidence, building a strong self-belief, the courage to try new things, the resilience and patience to persevere, and greater empathy and leadership with others. Prior to Acro Kids Katherine had a career in marketing and communications and was also a childbirth educator and doula. She loves watching children build their confidence and self-esteem which are essential to their wellbeing and emotional growth.

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