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Helping children and teens to find their confidence

We all want our children to be happy, confident and resilient, and grow up to be responsible, self-assured and fulfilled adults.


In today's world, confidence is the most important characteristic we can teach our children. Confident kids and teens are more likely to have a strong self-belief, deal more effectively with stress, and bounce back from difficult challenges. 


Our services, tools and resources are designed to help children and teens develop and increase their confidence. They also provide parents and caregivers with effective tools and knowledge to actively participate in and teach their children the 7 characteristics of confidence.

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Kids with Capes
Characteristics of Confidence


There are seven key characteristics which confident children and teens display..

  • Courage - the confidence to take a leap of faith even when they are afraid

  • Openness - the confidence to continue to be open and curious about the world around them

  • Self-Belief - the confidence to value themselves exactly as they are

  • Empathy - the confidence to understand, express and feel emotions appropriately and in relation to others

  • Honesty - the confidence to express themselves fully and take responsibility for their actions

  • Self-Discipline - the confidence to self-regulate and persevere to achieve their goals

  • Resilience - the confidence to manage and bounce back from difficult situations

Our tools and services

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